What is his reaction???

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Ducking beneath her desk, she searched for a weapon. The robber that broke in was looking for her saying, “ Yoohoo, come out come out wherever you are.” He was armed with a machete. Soon, Michelle touched a vase above the desk. The robber stopped in front of her. She sneaked up behind him and smashed the vase over his head. Michelle had knocked him out cold. Unconcious. She ran into the hurriedly kitchen and dialed 911. She heard the robber regaining his senses. Michelle wished the operator would pick up the phone, “Cmon, pick up.” she whispered. She saw the robber getting to his feet and charge at her with his machete. Michelle was scared. She didn’t know what to do. Suddenly the operater answered, “ Hello this is 911.” Michelle answered tears streaming down her face with fear, “Hello?! Please help me! There is a man who broke into my house! He’s armed with a machete!” As soon as the robber herard her voice, he rushed into the kitchen laughing devilishly. Michelle screamed. The operator said, “Ma’am, are you ok? Please say your address and we’ll come to you. But michelle didn’t have time to tell her address. She ran upstairs with the robber chasing her. She opened the door to her parents room and locked it. The robber banged wildly on the door. Michelle searched for her father’s gun. She knew he kept it somewhere. The robber started chopping down the door with his weapon.  Michelle soon found the gun in the drawer beside the bed. She pointed it at the door saying, “Don’t come in here! I have a gun and I’ll shoot you.” The chopping stopped.  The robber said, Do you have the guts to shoot me?” He laughed wickedly. As soon as he stopped laughing, he broke the door down. Michelle was so surprised the she suddenly pulled the trigger, hitting the robber at his chest. He looked at his chest then at Michelle. He stumbled to the ground. Michelle dropped the gun and started crying. Her nightmare was finally over. She heard the sirens coming from down the street. She ran downstairs and opened the door. An police officer stepped out. Soon a crowd of people and officers were crowding her house. Then Michelle saw her parents. She ran to them hugging and  sobbing.  She was glad to be alive.

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Eid Holiday

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     Eid Holiday

By: James Verano

     During the Eid Break, all I did was read books, go in the internet, do the homework for my blog, watch tv, sleep, eat, hang out with my friends, talk to them, computer games, and practice the drums,guitar, and bass. I really didn’t do much. Its just like what every person in the world would do.

Ringo Starr

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     If I could meet any famous person I would choose Ringo Starr, a multi-talented musician. Ringo could play the drums, percussion, piano, vocals, harmonica, and guitar. The only instruments I could play are guitar, drums, and bass guitar. So, Ringo and I have only two instruments in common.


     Ringo Starr is the drummer from The Beatles. His roles in The Beatles were to play the drums and backing vocalist. People who came to watch The Beatles were amazed by how Ringo played the drums. His drumming was very professional. John Lennon, lead singer of The Beatles, commented on Ringo’s drumming. This is what he said,


“Ringo was a star in his own right in Liverpool before we even met. He was a professional drummer who sang and performed and had Ringo Starr-time and he was in one of the top groups in Britain but especially in Liverpool before we even had a drummer … Ringo’s a fantastic and wonderful drummer.”   


     So, if I were to meet Ringo Starr, I would ask him to teach me a few lessons on how to drum.

Letter from William Penn

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March 13, 1693

Dear George Jefferson,

     Hello my dear friend! How are you? I hope you’re doing well. For the past years, I had been praying and wishing that I could be in charge of a large colony under my control so that I could provide safe homes for us Quakers. And God has answered it! In 1681, King Charles II has agreed to grant me a charter to start a colony west of New Jersey. May God Bless King Charles.

     My new colony is known as Pennsylvania, and how it grew so fast! I had tried to make a government that was fair to all people. So this is what I did. I limited my powers and also provided a change of laws in my colony to grant the wishes of the people. I have also sold land to the colonist at low prices and have promised religious freedom to all the Christians.

      I am blessed by the groups that supported my colony, the Welsh, Irish Quakers, and Germans. The capital of my colony is called Philadelphia, meaning City of Brotherly love. I designed it myself. In 1682, the Duke of York sold me a region to the south of Pennsylvania. It was also the year when Pennsylvania grew large.

I hope to hear from you soon, old friend.

                                                                                                             William Penn


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     The similarities are that the Christians and the Muslims believe in only one God. The Christians and the Muslims have experienced trials and sufferings. They each have a Holy Book. One called a Bible and one called a Quran. The ten commandments of what is written in the Quran and in the Bible are the same. Both believe that their God can do miracles. For example, heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out evil spirits. They both pray, in which they believe that prayer is a communication with God. They go to a special place to pray, like a church or a Mosque. Both of them fast. Christians celebrate the birthday of Jesus, which is on Christmas, and the Muslims celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad. The both have similar creations of what their God has done.

The differences of the Christians and the Muslims are that the Christians believed Jesus was the Son of God, but Muslims believe that he was a Prophet. Muslims don’t believe in the trinity, but the Christians do, The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Christians believe that Jesus dies on the cross, but the Muslims don’t think so. So, in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, I think this is what the Christians believed in. Some of their beliefs in Christ are kind of similar to the Muslim belief. Just like Thomas Hooker, he had followers, just as Jesus had disciples following him.